LOTR Actor Bernard Hill Slams Amazon’s Rings Of Power Series As A “Money-Making Venture”

Actor Bernard Hill, who played King Theoden in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings film series, has bashed Amazon’s The Rings of Power series, calling it a “money-making venture.”

Speaking to Metro, Hill started off by confirming he has not seen the show. “No, not interested,” the 77-year-old actor said. Hill went on to say that The Rings of Power is a “money-making venture and I’m not interested in watching that or being in it.”

He added: “Good luck to them and all that stuff but it’s not like the real thing.”

Hill went on to say he would have preferred for the the series to end after Peter Jackson’s trilogy. When Jackson came back to make The Hobbit into a trilogy, that was “pushing it,” Hill said.

Hill turned in a memorable performance as King Theoden in The Two Towers and Return of the King, helping to elevate the drama. He dies in battle during The Return of the King.

The Rings of Power wrapped up its first season in October this year. Production is now underway in the UK on Season 2, and seven new cast members have joined the show. The role of the orc leader Adar, played by Game of Thrones actor Joseph Mawle, has been recast for Season 2.

As for Hill, he’s also known for his roles in Titanic and The Scorpion King. He is known in gaming circles as the voice of Sir Walter Beck in Fable III.

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