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HUGE update explainations

Salute BTG Players,
This is an announcement to address current issues given by the community, some of the expectations for upcoming patch update, and the on-going "asset flip" conversation. First, I would like to shed some light and say that Burst The Game steam store page is antiquated. The screenshots, pictures, etc., are very outdated since it was created when the idea of the game came through and hadn't been updated since then. I do agree that it is our fault for misleading current and upcoming players of BTG. The game is still in "Pre-Alpha" as of this stage, and we are looking to hire someone to update our steam store page.
Now talking about the "asset flip" accusations.
As said many times before, assets were paid for and used in-game as 'placeholders' to kick-start our game because it gives the idea of where we want to head into with our game. I can assure you that, in the next update, assets that were used, will be very minimal as we have designed and modified our maps: Antartica as you can see on the store page is not the same as what you see in-game. We are using "Antartica" map name, but the map is very different. It's not from UE marketplace, as it was designed and actually made by our level designer, eFrost. Metro map has been removed from the game, to re-design and modify with hopefully the same size, if not bigger. St Martin map, for which we don't have a screenshot of in the store page, is made by one of our developers, VAM, and currently is being re-worked as it is unbalanced. VAM is also creating another map on his own, for which we can't provide any information, but I can assure you it's not from UE marketplace. The large portion of the assets that were used for our maps have been either completely removed OR removed to be re-designed/modify for future updates. In conclusion, as said many times and I'll say it again if needed, assets were used as 'placeholders' for our game, it won't be there permanently.
About the UI:
The UI pack is being removed thanks to artist community members that are contributing by giving us ideas and design samples for us to use in BTG.
Re-addressing the MFPSK controversy:
Another misunderstanding has been produced when we posted the last article on the MFPSK controversy (link below) People called a lie when I said to be part of the 'staff'. Someone got a screenshot of a conversation with fluppi (aka Lukas) saying that wasn't involved in the initial creation of the pack. Although this is true, the MFPSK is the work of one guy: fluppi, I am now part of the staff, trying to help new people understand how to use and modify the pack to fit their needs.
The next update
Let's talk about the upcoming update which I know; you guys will be especially excited for, as it's going bring-in a lot more content and changes to the game. Here's what has been done: Fixed StMartin's building clipping (can go through the building and shoot people from the inside) Fixed spawnkill issue on StMartin by adding a wall and a little area for the spawn points added a container in the middle of the road (on top of the spawn change) to balance the map Added character selection (Work-in Progress) added Randomized spawns Lowered recoils for all guns Fixed SMG90 recoil Fixed a way to get out of the training map New game mode called Bomb Defuse, in other words, Search and Destroy (very early version of the game mode) Fixed the skin system which will now have the option of loading and saving your creation as well as inserting URL links of textures Added a lot of free skins to test the new skin system (the free skins will stay free forever) here are a few: Fixed the weird voice sound when you jump Optimized the game mapwise to assure stability and framework Fixed the HOLO not working on slowish computers Removed the AMC to fix issues around it, which will be implemented again later on. Made the heat haze quantity in Arizona a lot smaller Removed useless foliage on Arizona New interaction system where there is highlight around the guns that you can pick up from the ground Fixed KA47 recoil Slowed down the battlehawk (deagle) rate of fire This is all the information we can provide for the upcoming update. There is a lot more to the update as we are continuously working hard on implementing more content and fixing issues that are being reported by the community. To know more about the update, and/or want to provide feedback for our game, please join our discord ( as it is our primary way of communicating with our community. Have fun playing! Thank you, -Brieyla

3rd / October / 2017

Patch Notes 20170916-12356-275

Hey everyone we are very pleased to announce the official release of our next patch 20170916-12356-275. This patch brings with it a ton of fixes, changes, and new content. We are working very hard for you! So please check out our current build on Steam and let us know what you think via our Discord channel. We now have Leaderboards! We now have a new map! We have fixed the sensitivity, weapons, and so much more! Check it out people! Complete ChangeList below. ChangeList: 20170916-12356-275 Fixed: [LIST] [*]Fixed AP5 & AP5SD aim anim. [*]Fixed KA74U [*]Fixed game mode bug on servers. Now FFA, TDM, CTF, etc.. can be specified on dedicated servers properly [*]Fixed the player being able to leave the training area with the ammo & health table [/LIST] Changed: [LIST] [*]Adjusted weapon sway, no more camera not being synced with the gun when aiming and moving the player's head [*]Bullets ricochet only once now [*]improved GREATLY the SMG90 (new recoil pattern, removed aim) [*]Guns now shoot 13% faster [*]Anims are now 20% faster [*]Perks are now only 10% faster [*]Fixed the player being able to leave the training area with the ammo & health table [*]Slowed down the SMG11 (mac11)'s fire rate [*]Made it easier to add new maps to our main menu [/LIST] Added: [LIST] [*]Persistent Stats: Servers now report player and match stats to our database for keeping track of score, K/D Ratio, etc.. [*]Added a new Leaderboard page to our website. Check it out: [*]Added sensitivity options (aim sensitivity too) [*]Added a new map St. Martin - an abandoned militia barracks on the island St. Martin in the Caribbean Sea. [/LIST]

19th / September / 2017

Addressing the FPS Template Controversy

Over the past week I've been fielding countless discussions with people regarding our use of the FPS Template and dealing with the asset flip accusations with Burst The Game. I want to set the record straight on a few things regarding Burst The Game and where we stand today. First of all. Brieyla is the lead developer on Burst The Game is part of the staff and is a helper with the FPS Template team. as proof, you can join the MFPSK discord and see for yourself; You will see that Brieyla is listed as a dev in 'red' alongside the developer of the template Fluppi393. Brieyla has been advising people not to use the template all week because of the bugs we've encountered launching Burst. The original developer of the template is now saying the template should only be used for educational purposes because it was not developed to be used in a release. I'm the senior developer on the Burst dev team. I joined the team very late but I have already corrected most of the issues and bugs the template had. I've done so much work with the template over the past 2 weeks that I now consider it more my own than anyone else. What was wrong with the template? Well most of the issues I've encountered have been relating to null checking. The code was written without the same discipline as I have with the need to null check everything. Especially in a multiplayer environment. The lack of null checking means that empty pointers crash the game client and servers. Along with null checks the template never supported dedicated servers properly. Simple dedicated checks in the code were sometimes all that was required to fix issues. In many cases code was allowed to run without checking Role Authority or whether it was running on dedicated or not. The code was incomplete or not valid. These issues sometimes required a rewrite of the offending routine. Thankfully before the game was launched I developed a bug tracking software. This software collects crash reports from the game client as it crashes. When we launched we had over 3000 crashes logged. Since I released patch '20170901-12356-271' last week the game has had 5 recorded crashes. There were more than 36 different fixes that were required to stabilize this template code and I now consider this working code mine. When I joined the team I had Perforce setup since the project never used a repository system before my joining the team. Our Perforce log shows that we've had over 100 revisions to the code base correcting crashes and bugs related to using the template. So the FPS Template sucked out of the box. After many sleepless nights and plenty of help from the Steam community I can now say our build is stable. I've reworked so much of this template that I also now consider it mine. This post is my first step in addressing the asset flip commentary. The comments regarding the use of the NYC map and other content are also justified but these assets are mostly temporary. I won't say I won't be using any of them, Further from the truth. The reality is these assets allow me to build the game functionality without spending a lot of time and money on building artwork. Most AAA games that ship have really big budgets and spend years making assets. As our game develops the assets will change. I am now working on addressing the SteamOS and Linux communities issues and will hopefully have a patch with those issues fixed very shortly. Thank you for reading! And keep playing Burst!

25th / September / 2017

Stability Patch Notes 20170901-12356-271

Hey everyone, We are pleased to announce we have released a series of patches over the last week resulting in a major patch this weekend: 20170901-12356-271. This patch focused on stability of servers, fatal crash errors on clients, and an array of features, bug fixes, and cleanup since the release of Burst last weekend on Steam. Thank you everyone on our Discord channel for your continued patronage! While the launch was rocky with network issues, issues with Steam, and issues with GameLift - we've been able to mount an offensive and attack these issues this week. We've discovered issues with the Unreal Engine version 4.15 that we released with that may have impacted many of you. Epic Games began implementing a new memory allocation rewrite to the engine in 4.15 but it wasn't exactly finished and the engine was plagued with issues. Unfortunately for us this is the version of the engine we've been using to develop Burst and switching engine versions isn't exactly easy and not really encouraged during a release. My approach to solving this issue was to patch our version of the engine with the fixes Epic Games and the community later released in 4.16 and 4.17. We also had a number issues with Steam sessions that were not known before launch with the game. These issues were the result of both coding assumptions on our part and also the use of GameLift which is a server based API for hosting instance based multiplayer servers on Amazon's AWS cloud platform. As many of you know we also use the FPS Template as our base for the game mechanics. This template while certainly sped up development also introduced bugs and untested issues being a very new piece of software. The bugs in the FPS Template were basic issues such as null checking and other fun crashes that once resolved the code began working as advertised. I will continue to analyze the code as we develop Burst and improve as both bugs and code refactoring happens. Lastly, we've also been working hard on adding new original content to the game. ChangeList: 20170901-12356-271 CODE/ENGINE BUGS Fixed: [LIST] [*]Use Steam Session as default session for game [*]Steam names not displaying in match [*]Fatal error crash on client when auto reload event was fired when player character was null [*]GameLift crashes causing server to crash [*]Fatal error on calculating damage amount [*]Fatal error hit detection actor being null [*]Fatal error on damage instigator being null [*]Server Travel bug causing clients to travel away from server [*]Server & client stability [/LIST] Added: [LIST] [*]Game fonts to the game to improve loading time [*]Increase VRam memory pool size to 1500MB [/LIST] Changed: [LIST] [*]Patched 4.15 Engine code base to use completed rewrite of memory allocation code known as FMalloc from engine version 4.16 & 4.17 released by Epic Games. Reference: [/LIST] VISUAL BUGS Fixed: [LIST] [*]Arizona footsteps sounds [*]AMC (hybrid) not being to go on little rocks [*]Made the AMC TP camera slightly higher [/LIST] [LIST] [*]Default SWP scope [*]Made the FOV of the Fov2 larger (2 to 4) [/LIST] [LIST] [*]Scope 26x56 being WAY too zoomed in (FOV 1 to 2) [/LIST] [LIST] [*]KA5c aiming anim. [/LIST] [LIST] [*]Made the servers from JSON to show directly (no need to click refresh) [*]Steam sessions & LAN when on the 'ALL' filter [*]Chatbox not going down when recieving messages [*]Messagebox clearing when recieving a message [*]Undead characters spawning when a laggy player spams the spawn button [/LIST] Changed: [LIST] [*]Removed 40% of the damage lost when falling. [/LIST] Added: [LIST] [*]TRAINING MAP [/LIST]

2nd / September / 2017

Burst The Game Launches with Hotfix

We are very excited to announce that Burst The Game has launched on Steam. We had a networking meltdown that caused plenty of issues in the middle of the launch but we worked hard to address all of the issues quickly. Please remember this is Early Access and we need your feedback to make Burst as great as possible. Official HotFix Patches Current Version: 20170827-12354-260 Fixed: Issues with clients not traveling with servers Fixed: Issues with Game mode not working Fixed: Stability issues with dedicated servers crashing Fixed: Clients unable to kill themselves due to bad sessions Updated: Sreaming memory vram pool size to support map sizes Updated: Improved multiplayer browser Updated: Improved player count functionality for servers Known Crash: Client crashes if it remains too long on the Customize screen Known Crash: Client crashes in some cases when driving tanks Known Crash: Linux users are reporting malloc crash We are working very hard to get all of the crashes we are currently collecting for Burst. Thank you everyone for your feedback! Join us on Discord: And we also have a new website and forum for Burst The Game:

27th / August / 2017

two more days

Hello Everyone, we, the Burst team, have decided to push back the game to

Friday August 25, 2017 which is only 2 days push back.
It is because we can do more testing and fix the bugs/issues that may come up for the launch. In other words, the push back is to do final testing for launch version before the actual release. Hope you all understand and agree with our decision, it is to only make the launch perfect and the way we want it to be presented to you all so you can enjoy the amazing Burst The Game that is. We also understand that if we take something, we have to give something else in return, that is why we started working on something big,
the skin creator
here are a few screenshots of the skins you can create:
See you all on Friday! Burst The Game Team

22nd / August / 2017

how to get a key

Burst the game team decided to make the pre alpha stay private. the game will be out for everyone to download in later development stages. we also decided to let some people join the closed pre alpha. to accede to the closed pre alpha, please join our discord and read our #howtogetakey You will have to answer a few questions, and if your answers are fitting our requirements, you will become an official burst the game tester. if you have any question, send a message to either @brieyla or @commissarvodka on discord. here is the discord link:

18th / July / 2017

Pushing back the release date

Due to unexpected problems, The game release date will be pushed back a few more weeks. This is only to have a more complete, more stable, and overall better game. If you want to follow the development, please join the discord: If you want to contact us for a business proposition, please contact Thanks for your understanding, Lancelot DE BRIEY aka brieyla

21st / June / 2017