Patch Notes 20170916-12356-275

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    Hey everyone we are very pleased to announce the official release of our next patch 20170916-12356-275. This patch brings with it a ton of fixes, changes, and new content. We are working very hard for you! So please check our current build on Steam and let us know what you think on our Discord channel.

    We now have Leaderboards! We now have a new map! We have fixed the sensitivity, weapons, and so much more! Check it out people!

    Complete ChangeList below.

    ChangeList: 20170916-12356-275

    • Fixed AP5 & AP5SD aim anim.
    • Fixed KA74U
    • Fixed game mode bug on servers. Now FFA, TDM, CTF, etc.. can be specified on dedicated servers properly
    • Fixed the player being able to leave the training area with the ammo & health table

    • Adjusted weapon sway, no more camera not being synced with the gun when aiming and moving the player's head
    • Bullets ricochet only once now
    • improved GREATLY the SMG90 (new recoil pattern, removed aim)
    • Guns now shoot 13% faster
    • Anims are now 20% faster
    • Perks are now only 10% faster
    • Fixed the player being able to leave the training area with the ammo & health table
    • Slowed down the SMG11 (mac11)'s fire rate
    • Made it easier to add new maps to our main menu

    • Persistent Stats: Servers now report player and match stats to our database for keeping track of score, K/D Ratio, etc..
    • Added a new Leaderboard page to our website. Check it out:
    • Added sensitivity options (aim sensitivity too)
    • Added a new map St. Martin - an abandoned militia barracks on the island St. Martin in the Caribbean Sea

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