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  1. Parsov
    Parsov CYA
    Congrats on MOD. You can remove this profile post when ever you feel it gets annoying.
  2. Swiggers
    Swiggers Parsov
    How dare you... you sexy plank, not help me when you weren't happy.
  3. Parsov
    Parsov Swiggers
    Congrats! Swiggers you got Moderator Position!
  4. Parsov
    Not happy to help but probably will...
  5. Whitty
    Whitty VAM
    Thank you for your development skills.
  6. VAM
    Good little game dev...
  7. Chaotic Videos
    Chaotic Videos
    Sexy and I know it.... just kidding.... hold me.
    1. wildcat**
      Aug 26, 2017
  8. Pro_Commando
    Hello all, I'm the Community Manager for Burst The Game.
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  9. Swiggers
    Swiggers is a pretty Swiggity Swoggity guy...